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Why you should choose Fast Initial Response Experience?

  • Your training consultant is a current fire fighter belonging to one of the largest urban fire brigades in Australia and boasts over 10 years experience in both firefighting and professional training.
  • A state-of-the-art hot fire simulator for the outdoors . This hands-on experience will keep your employees on their toes and talking about their training session for months.
  • Your training program will be tailored to your organisation.
  • Training is conducted at your workplace at a time convenient to you, with availability of multiple sessions to cover shifts to ensure core roles are always covered.
  • A structured training session with an emphasis on trainees retaining key knowledge through interaction that will save lives.
  • Knowledge of current Australian Standards, enabling us to help ensure you comply.
  • All clients receive personal attention.
  • Competitive pricing.

F.I.R.E can offer a comprehensive service to ensure your staff receive safety training and necessary resources that can save lives including:

  • Armed hold-up training
  • First Aid training
  • Servicing of portable fire fighting equipment
  • Fire safety audits

Hassle free co-ordination of:

  • Emergency manuals as required by AS3745
  • Site plans / Action posters
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