Online Fire Training Courses

Elite Fire Training’s Online courses are ideal for businesses where staff are located at different offices around Australia or if your workplace has a small number of Wardens.  All Online courses are fully compliant with AS 3745:2010. 

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The online fire training courses that Elite Fire Training offer:-

First Attack Online Training (Fire Extinguisher Training)

This course will show you how to select the right fire equipment and safely extinguish a small fire in your workplace. First Attack Online Fire Safety Training covers the following topics:

  • Fire emergencies
  • Fire behaviour
  • Classes of fire
  • Firefighting equipment

Duration – 20 to 30mins

Chief Warden / Fire Warden Online Training

This course will give you the necessary skills to act as a competent Warden during any emergency. The Online Warden course covers the following topics:

  • Planning and control
  • Information and communication systems
  • Emergency procedures
  • Evacuation procedures

Duration – 20 to 30mins

General Occupant Online Training

This course is General Occupant Training which can be used for employees who are not part of the ECO.  This online fire evacuation course will cover:

  • Planning and control of emergencies
  • Information and communication systems
  • Emergency procedures
  • Evacuation procedures for occupants of the building

Duration – 20 to 30mins

* Our Online Training courses are Non-Accredited


100% of our clients reported that they felt more prepared for an emergency after our training.

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