Evacuation Exercise / Evacuation Drill

As part of compliance with Australian Standard 3745-2010, an Evacuation Exercise must be conducted at least annually for each business for all occupants.  The Evacuation Exercise is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Emergency Response Procedures and Evacuation Plan, the actions and execution of the roles and responsibilities of the Wardens and how the occupants / visitors of the building respond to an emergency. It is also designed to familiarise the occupants with the paths of travel to their fire exits as well as the location of the Assembly Area.

As part of your Warden Training, Elite Fire can observe and monitor your annual Evacuation Exercise which includes a site-specific scenario drill. Following the Evacuation Exercise, the consultant will conduct a de-brief with the Wardens to discuss recommendations for future evacuations.  A detailed report will be provided to your site listing potential improvements.

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100% of our clients reported that they felt more prepared for an emergency after our training.

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