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About Elite Fire Training

Elite Fire Training provides essential fire training courses that provide you with the necessary skills that can save lives. All fire training courses have been designed and developed by current professional firefighters with many years of real experience. Our training sessions are tailored to the needs of your workplace are driven by the motto 'involve me and I will learn'.

If employees are involved, their retention of knowledge is greater and this improves the protection of human life and assets. Elite Fire Training courses provide a good mix of fire theory, extinguishing actual fires and real event accounts to keep attendees interested and motivated to learn.

"Real experience can't be beaten" Ryan Timeus

Ryan Timeus is the principal instructor and owner of Elite Fire Training. Ryan has spent over 15 years as both a full-time professional firefighter and emergency response trainer in Sydney. As a professional firefighter, Ryan has been exposed to numerous life threatening situations and has seen the devastating effects on a workplace that lacks proper emergency response training.

Ryan started his own business, dedicated to delivering quality fire and emergency response training to pass on the knowledge and skills he has gained throughout his career. Ryan assists organisations in Sydney, NSW and throughout Australia by offering them site-specific fire training to combat any emergency situation that may arise.

Why should you choose Elite Fire Training?

  • Be trained by current firefighters belonging to one of the largest urban fire brigades in Australia

  • Staff are able to extinguish a live fire using a gas driven fire tray

  • Site-specific training sessions

  • Training is conducted at your workplace

  • Availability of multiple sessions for shifts to ensure core roles are always covered

  • Online courses available

  • All fire training courses comply with current Australian Standards

  • Fire training in Sydney, NSW and throughout Australia

  • Competitive pricing

  • Additional services including fire safety consulting, emergency procedure manuals, evacuation diagrams and emergency response flipcharts


Call Elite Fire on 0419 998 032 or contact us to discuss your fire training needs. 


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