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F.I.R.E provides actual solutions to people and organisations confronted with emergency situations. The message from the Australian Fire Services, is that emergency response training can significantly reduce the impact of an emergency when people are trained to respond correctly to it.

The range of fire safety and emergency training courses available from F.I.R.E will give your staff vital skills and help build confidence. This will assist them in making the right decisions and to act quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency occurring in your workplace.

Phase 1

Fire Extinguiser Flame

The objective for Phase 1 is to develop skills and knowledge to enable members of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to effectively perform their specific roles during an

emergency. It is intended for all members of the ECO and support personnel.

Topics Include:

  • OH&S requirements
  • Wardens roles & responsibilities
  • Emergencies that could occur
  • Methods of raising the alarm
  • Procedures for specific emergencies
  • Pre-planning for emergencies Bomb threat response
  • Evacuating your premises
  • Human Behaviour
  • Co-ordination of emergencies
  • Communications during emergencies
  • Untenable conditions

Duration 90 minutes (Phase 2 is included)

Phase 2Fire Evacuation Exit

This is a practical assessment of the ECOand the awareness of the general staff. All members of the ECO, including the Chief and Deputy Chief Wardens, Floor Wardens, Wardens and Communication Officers should participate. The exercise includes a briefing and debrief. Adetailed report will then be prepared and sent to clients outlining any recommendations or changes required.

This is conducted at the conclusion of phase 1. Duration 30 minutes.

Phase 3

Phase 3 has been developed to provide members of the ECOand staff with the basic knowledge and strategies to control or extinguish small, uncomplicated fires in the early stages.

Topics include:

  • Fire chemistry

  • Principles of extinguishment
  • Methods of extinguishment
  • Classes of fire
  • R.A.C.E– actions on discovering a fire
  • Identifying types of extinguishers on your site
  • P.A.S.S– operating an extinguisher
  • Safe working practices
  • What to do after using an extinguisher
  • Practical use of fire extinguishers

The practical component of Phase 3 is conducted using either an indoor or outdoor fire simulator. The choice is yours.

Duration 60 mintues

All courses are offered as an annual package or can be booked individually as requested.

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